Your simulation software for precise and simple finite element analyses

Safe, precise and cost-efficient finite element simulations in mechanical engineering thanks to our user-friendly Meshparts software. Simulations have never been so easy.
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Industry-leading companies rely on Meshparts


Simulate at expert level with just 1 day of training

Accurate results

In numerous customer projects, the simulation results generated with Meshparts were compared with measurements. Deviations of less than 5% are often achievable.

Intelligent assistance systems

The automatic contact finding of Meshparts helps to keep track of the contacts within an assembly.
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Structural Mechanics

Static and dynamic strength verification for bolted connections according to VDI 2230: just the push of a button.

Live Support

No waiting on hold and no tickets that take several days to process. Contact one of our developers directly via video conference.

Structural dynamics

Identification of dangerous resonance points and determination of vibration amplitudes at selected points.

Automatic part mappings

The part mappings enable the Meshparts software to learn. With each new model you become faster and faster in modeling FE assemblies.
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Finite element model library

Get access to a comprehensive library of over 60,000 precise and parametric component models and avoid modeling effort, costs and errors.


Use multiple integrations such as the CAD Twin to synchronize your product between CAD and Meshparts or use our PDM integration.
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Customer testimonials

Reviews from our clients

"Very fast project processing with comprehensive advice due to high project complexity"
Frank Hanisch
Frank Hanisch
Technical Manager, Research & Development at Bächli AG
"Meshparts is a modern and very well thought-out FEA program that enables us to carry out complex assembly simulations in the area of special machine construction with high modeling quality and at the same time a reasonable amount of time. From my practice with Meshparts, I appreciate the clear and CAD-like operating concept. Last but not least: A big advantage of Meshparts is the reliably accessible and very competent support."
Chris Hopmann
Chris Hopmann
Head of Analyzes & Calculations at IMA Schelling Group
"Meshparts gives us the opportunity to define larger assemblies with many screws and contact conditions as FEM models with a reasonable amount of effort and to comprehensively analyze several load cases. This saves unnecessary design loops and costs."
Bernd Polossek
Bernd Polossek
Head of construction and design at ECKOLD GmbH & Co. KG
"The understanding of the market requirements, the deep specialist knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering and simulation, as well as the speed of support are impressive and represent a benchmark."
Jörg Common
Jörg Common
Head of Development at Felss Systems GmbH
"When designing a new, dynamically heavily loaded ball screw with a double nut, we wanted to achieve greater safety than the standard calculation. Meshparts supported this with the necessary simulation studies. Thanks to the extremely detailed FE models, we were also able to easily calculate the load-dependent contact angle change for each one Evaluate sphere in the model."
Maximilian Hiemer
Maximilian Hiemer
Head of design at A. Berger GmbH & Co. Präzisions Maschinenbauteile KG
"Short-term and quick processing with in-depth specialist knowledge in the machine tool sector"
Dr. Hubertus Zeddies
Dr. Hubertus Zeddies
Technical manager at Minda Industrieanlagen GmbH
"Short-term and quick processing, in-depth specialist knowledge in the machine tool sector"

Dr. Hubertus Zeddies

Technical Management, Minda Industrieanlagen GmbH

Meshparts Form Hexagon
Meshparts Form Hexagon

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