Finite element model library

Get access to a comprehensive library of over 60,000 precise and parametric component models and avoid modeling effort, costs and errors.

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Benefits of our finite element model library

Avoid errors

Avoid errors with high-accuracy, high-efficiency parametric models of rolling contact components

Save time

Reduce your workflow by skipping the modeling effort

Precise calculations

Calculate and optimize the service life of rolling bearings, linear guides and ball screws

Consider installation condition

Take the installation condition and any loads (preload, play, heating, forces and moments) into account

Direct customer support

For further assistance, you can rely on our Meshparts team to be available whenever you need it.

Direct from the manufacturer

Our library contains models from global manufacturers across various industries

More than just geometry – simple outer shell, complex inner workings

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Masses and inertia
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Replacement stiffness
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Discrete attenuation sources
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Kinematic translation behavior
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All models can be optimally networked

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Connection points are already predefined

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All physical properties are included and stored in tables

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Realistic behavior of the models

A highly detailed FEM library with more than 60,000 pre-built models

Find different model types from well-known manufacturers and use them directly in Meshparts to obtain reliable simulation results.
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Ball screws

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Servo drives

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Roller bearings

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Linear guides

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Planetary gear

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Frequently asked questions about our model library

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our finite element model library
Are there additional costs to access the model library?
No, access to our model library is included in the license packages and there are no additional costs for access.
Will the library be updated and expanded?
Yes, our model library is continually updated and expanded. We regularly add new models to ensure our users always have access to the latest and most relevant models.
How precise are the prefabricated models?
Our prefabricated models have been prepared with maximum precision. Many of our models come directly from the manufacturers, ensuring their accuracy and reliability. We attach great importance to the quality and precision of our model data.
What can I do if a required model is not available?
If a specific model you need is not in our library, you can submit a model creation request. We strive to continually expand our offering and are happy to take the needs and wishes of our users into account.
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