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IMA Schelling Group

The IMA Schelling Group is specialized in the development and manufacturing of modularized special equipment and processing solutions for the wood, metal and plastics processing industries.
IMA Schelling Group
Meshparts Form HexagonMeshparts Form Hexagon
Meshparts Form Hexagon


  • Woodworking machines
Meshparts Form Hexagon

FEM analysis

  • Strength analysis
  • Comparison of variants
  • Comparison with measurements
  • Strength analysis (components, welds, bolted joints).
  • Determination of reaction forces for further calculations (ground loads, support forces).
Meshparts Form Hexagon

Client feedback

  • Meshparts is a modern and sophisticated FEA program, which enables us to perform complex assembly simulations in the field of special mechanical engineering with a high modeling quality and at the same time a reasonable expenditure of time. Decisive for this is the underlying concept of FE assemblies in Meshparts as well as the access to an extensive model library. Advantages that I personally do not know in this form from any other FEA environment.
  • From my practice with Meshparts, I appreciate the clear and CAD-like operating concept (e.g. intelligent context menus, dynamic exploded views) as well as a variety of useful automations (e.g. meshing with presets, intelligent contact definition, management of model variants, model validation).
  • Users with special requirements do not have to cut back in my view: Despite very good usability/clarity, Meshparts offers a wide range of functions as well as possibilities for individual extensions (e.g. via command snippet or by directly implementing additional functions in the software, which Meshparts has already done for us several times in the past).
  • Last but not least: a big plus point of Meshparts is the reliably reachable and very competent support. As a user, you get support for the operation of the software as well as - especially with Mr. Dadalau - an experienced contact person for engineering questions. Feedback on the software and, if necessary, requests for future updates can also be communicated via support on a personal level. In combination with a flexible license/support model, this has resulted in an optimal entry into Meshparts for us to expand our simulation capabilities.
Meshparts Form Hexagon


  • Validated, high-quality simulation results through the integration of validated substitute models, especially in the area of purchased parts.
  • Significant time savings when building complex simulation models, resulting in a better cost/benefit ratio when using FEM.
  • Entry barrier for the use of complex FEM analyses decreases: Improved product understanding, accelerated innovation through FE models as "digital prototypes," stress-based design of key machine components.
Chris Hopmann
Chris Hopmann
IMA Schelling Group
Analyses & Calculations

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Meshparts Form Hexagon

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